I’m Probably Going to Live Longer Than You


First of all, I’m super bummed because I found out today that Robin Williams is married. I was REALLY hoping that it would be to me. Oh well. I’m sure he’ll be happy with his tall-and-pretty-and-artsy-chick.

It should have been me

In other news, I’m pretty sure I’m going to live a long time. Barring a bear attack or choking on a pretzel. You know why?

Because I sing!

Not professionally of course, or really in front of anyone (Except my dogs). But I sing all the damn time. In the shower, in my car, on my way to class, when I change my clothes, when I make dinner. I am always singing. Sometimes they’re real songs, sometimes I make them up as I go. But bottom line- I sing. And singing makes me feel good inside and usually makes me dance in some form on the outside. Let’s be honest, you can’t sing and not dance. That’s lunacy. Anyway, singing is awesome because I am constantly breathing and making noise. Sometimes, especially in the car or shower, I sing super duper loud. Kind of like yelling. Which lets me blow off some steam. And that is mentally healthy. I’m also using my memory power to remember song lyrics, and my imagination to make up new lyrics when I’m singing my own songs. They do usually revolve around my dogs though. Or what I’m eating. But I use my brain! And of course, the dancing. I’m a great car dancer, gettin my groove on while sitting in traffic. I’m sure I’ve given a motorist or two something to laugh at, which makes me feel good because people are usually sad/mad when they’re stuck in traffic. And that makes me feel good too. Basically, I’m constantly producing endorphins to make me happy! And the more consistently happy you are, the longer you’re going to live. At least I’m pretty sure. You don’t hear about many sad people leading an inordinately long life. Though they are often not appreciated in their time.

Anyway, if you want to live longer like me, sing a lot! And/or dance. Just be careful in the shower.

Ellen DeGeneres knows what I’m saying. At least about the dancing part.

You should probably eat a balanced diet and exercise sometimes. But hey, if you dance a lot, you’ve got exercise covered!



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