Did I cut myself, or is that Jelly?


I tend to injure myself and not realize it until later. Anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Who knows what that says about me. But, I’m thankful for the little cuts and scrapes because they give me an excuse to put on a Princess Band-Aid. Yes, I’m twenty three and I use Princess Band-Aids. For those of you who injure yourself and don’t use a fun themed Band-Aid on your boo-boo, you’re seriously missing out. If Princesses aren’t your thing, they’ve got Cars, and Hello Kitty and funky psychedelic ones that look like tattoos.  Peruse the band-aid aisle next time you’re in the store. I’m sure you’ll find something that suits you. If you don’t, check out some novelty stores like Archie McPhee, they’ve got some shaped like pickles, bacon and even underwear. And then every time your hurt yourself and have to put on a band-aid, you’ll look at your fun Mac&Cheese/eyeball/ Jesus band-aid and smile. Your ouchie will no longer make you grouchy!

Genius, I know. In other news…

Finding bakeries to work for in Suburgatory is no easy task. All of the real life bakeries are located way too far for me to commute to because I:

a. Share a car with my Dad. Which I don’t mind, except that it makes figuring out a work schedule more than 10 miles from my house pretty much impossible.

b. Am still trying to finish school. Most real life bakeries want a pretty serious time commitment. Only one semester left though!

c. Live in one of the most traffic laden places in America. So any kind of commute is a bitch pain.

Oh well. There is supposedly a new bakery moving in down the street, I just don’t know when they’re opening, their website doesn’t have the location listed yet. But boy would that be a dream come true! I’d even get up at ridiculously early hours if I could work there! Which yes I know is kind of a given in the baking business, but I like to imagine I’ll discover some amazing method of baking bread the night before and having it be super duper awesomely fresh the next morning. Or a slow cooking bread that I can put in the night before and come in to a perfect loaf! The crock pot of bread! Yeah, that sounds good. I only need about eight hours now. I used to be able to sleep until like one or two in the afternoon. Now I can’t make it past 9:30, no matter how late I get to sleep. Well, that’s an exaggeration, more like before 2 am. Yeah, I’ll be up. Weird.

Bottom line is, I need to find a job soon. Not having any money to do anything is just not a fun way to live. At least I have school work.


Stacked Cookie Cakes!

Look at these awesome cute cookie cakes! They’re so adorable! And you don’t even have to commit to one cake decorating scheme because hey, they’re cookie cakes, you have to make lots of them!


Oh my gawd! Imagine the ridiculous cookie hat possibilities! Hats with bling! Hats with feathers! Hats with huge fondant flowers! Hats with absurdly large cookie rims! It’s hat-tastic! I think Aretha Franklin would be down for a ridiculous cookie hat.

Yes, I want my baked goods to be fun and slightly absurd. Like me!

I’m also going to find a way to incorporate bacon into a cookie or cupcake, even if its just a nice caramelized piece on top. It’s gonna happen. Because friends- I really, really love bacon. If you for some reason have not tried bacon yet, get to it. It is magical.


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