I am a Library Lush


Book Porn

The Trinity College Library. Definitely on my list of things I need to do before thirty. It’s right up there with the Harry Potter Theme Park and accomplishment.

I went to my normal moderately sized public library the other day in hopes of checking out the Hunger Games series. But alas, someone else had the same idea. Well, three someone elses had the same idea. How sad for me. I really wanted a book though,  so I had to improvise and peruse the shelves for something that looked interesting. I generally enjoy stories that have absolutely nothing to do with my real every day life, though I do prefer they could have possibly happened in someone else’s life. Aka, historical fiction. I’m no history buff, but if you set your story during the civil war and make Robert E. Lee’s grandmother’s washerwoman the protagonist, chances are I’ll read it. Because maybe it could have actually happened. So I check out Philipha Gregory’s stuff, see if she’s got anything interesting I haven’t read yet.

For those of you who are not familiar with her work, she writes awesomely historical stories, the most well known being The Other Boelyn Girl. Lots of her stories take place at various royal courts with various historical characters placed throughout the action. And there’s usually a ridiculously all consuming love story some where in there. (I wear Princess band-aids, of course I’m a sappy sap ball of fantastical absurdity.) Like I said, awesome. So, I pick up a book of hers I haven’t read which takes place in Jamestown, Virginia as it’s being settled for the first time. I love Virginia history, having spent a lot of my life there, so I’m in.

Well I’m out of authors I know of who have books I haven’t read, but I can’t leave the library with just one book. What a waste of a library trip. After having a silent but intense perusing battle with some woman in the “new realease” section (a perusing battle is when you and someone else are looking at the same shelf, and both edge closer and closer, just in case one of you spots a good book. You want to be the first to grab it. It can get dirty.) But there’s nothing that strikes my fancy. I did pick up a book that she was looking at though, just so she didn’t think she’d won. I continue to browse the fiction section, unabashedly only picking up books with titles I like and stickers on the spine that say  “fantasy”. And I find one called Black Ships having to do with ancient Greece and a chick protagonist and changing destinies or something like that. Sounds good to me!

Fast Forward Two Weeks

Between school work, talking to my dogs and obsessively watching Jenna Marbles YouTube videos I managed to finish the Philipa Gregory book. (Virgin Earth. I highly recommend it, this time her protagonist is a dude, and he falls for a Powhatan chick. Yay) So this morning I wake up, it’s Saturday, and I figure I’ll start the other book, as I don’t like to do anything that requires work on a Saturday until at least noon. Got my coffee, got my reading chair, let’s do this. Three pages in, it hits me.


It’s official. I’ve read so many books, that I can’t remember which ones I have and have not read. Who does that?


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