Bread and Buttah’


Is that a hunky hunk of bread or what?

I think it’s safe to say that bread and butter is the best combination ever. I know that peanut butter and jelly are pretty infamous, and I won’t even go into milk and cookies. But c’mon, it probably all originated with bread and butter anyway. Crusty, hot, fresh bread with a giant slab of churned butter is probably what God had in mind when he created Wheat. And cows. And there are just so many possibilities to bread and butter. First of all, you can put all kinds of stuff in bread. Cheese, fruit, herbs, olives, sugar…and it’s all still awesomely carbohydrate-tastic bread. And butter…you can totally flavor butter. Not to mention all the other kinds of butter than have since evolved: apple butter, peanut butter, almond butter, nutella…they’re all FANTASTIC on bread.

I realize this is only one gal’s opinion. But I’m pretty sure I’m right. There’s a reason the saying “my bread and butter” was coined to describe one’s means of subsistence. Aside from being what everyone ate, thus what everyone bought with their hard earned money. Because people knew that bread and butter are a tried-and-true duo that are easy to get and never let you down.

Thus, baking should really be a more revered art. I feel that we have strayed from the simple pleasure that is bread and butter, not to mention the crazy science that goes into making a good loaf of bread. In this way it really only makes sense for me to acquire amazing bread making skills and spend the rest of my life eating delicious bread and butter. It’s definitely the thing I’d choose if I happened into one of those crazy alternate universes where I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life. I actually kind of wish I really could only eat bread and butter for the rest of my life. Sure it’d get kind of boring, but like I mentioned you can get creative. You can probably even find a way to make bacon bread. Or bacon butter! That’s definitely going on the to-do list. I could really go for some bread and butter. It may have something to do with the fact I have not yet eaten lunch today however. But I’m pretty sure that even after I eat my salad, I’ll be pining for a crusty hunk of bread and a generous dollop of creamy, salty, delicious butter.

Also, I have found kindred bacon-loving souls in the good people at Archie McPhee

Happy Birthday to Me!

Bacon Floss

I'm not sure how it'd be with mint, but don't worry. They have bacon toothpaste too!

Check out for more bacon awesomeness.


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