Cars Are Stupid


Get the $!%* out of my %*#@ing way

I don’t want a car anymore.

Seriously. I’m tired of driving. Even though I’ve never loved driving as much as I do now after mastering the art of driving stick, I don’t want to any more.

Well, okay. Maybe it’s not driving. Maybe it’s commuting. I don’t like commuting, and I’m tired of living in a place that pretty much requires everyone to do so. And I don’t mean a 30-45 minute commute. I mean at least an hour and for a lot of people an hour and 30 plus. That’s not even me, I’m in the 45-60 minute range, and I still hate it. It doesn’t help that me and my awesome manual car like to speed, all the time, and the people who constantly find themselves in the left lane going under the speed limit make me want to throw  balloons full of curdled milk at them. Or that many people don’t feel the need to use turn signals to switch lanes. Or to check the lane next to them before switching lanes sans signal. And then there’s everyone’s favorite- the construction that’s been going on so long you can’t remember what it was like before it started. The random lane closures, the rubbernecking drivers who are overly curious about what those men in hardhats are doing.  But hey, that’s a part of driving around here right? Everyone knows that. So here’s the question- why do we allow it people?! Everyone knows the drivers I’m speaking of, and everyone has their own stories to tell from countless hours logged commuting. WHY do we stand for this absurdity? WHY?!

Not trying to incite a riot here, just wondering. Anyway, instead of trying to stick it to the man, or whomever, I’m just going to leave. That’s right, I’m out of here. No more nutty traffic. No more nutty construction. No more Airport traffic! I will remove myself from the equation. In like six months when I’ve saved some money and finished school. I will remove myself from the equation all together. Problem solved.

It will leave me with a lot of balloons full of old dairy products though, should anyone have a use for them.

Also- were there traffic jams when everyone rode horses? If we still rode horses, would there be traffic jams? Well it would probably solve some construction issues as I’m pretty sure Horses shouldn’t walk on concrete for long periods of time. Just wondering.


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